Poop to Pyrotechnics using FrontierVille Saltpeter 
Like many millions of other Facebook users, a large part of your day is spent tending to your Frontier on FrontierVille. This game has now become a daily ritual, there is always an ever-growing list of tasks and chores for you to fulfill, and here is one of the more unusual yet amusing ones.

As you are walking around your homestead, make sure you do not forget to pick up Nature’s Gold rather than just standing in it. Right under your feet and behind most of the animals you keep you will find a pile of Poop. Do not ignore it is very useful to you.

It is not the pile that is important though it is what you can turn it into that is important. Potassium Nitrate, although in regards to FrontierVille – Saltpeter.  

Saltpeter is not some random guy’s name. It is a substance that through the ages has been used as a preservative to cure meats, within the realm of magic to perform protection spells, as an ingredient of fertilizer and is also rumored to have been used in the Army as a libido inhibitor, although this is still debated as an urban myth. 

In the case of FrontierVille Saltpeter is used to make gunpowder for Fireworks.

You use these Fireworks to help you celebrate your 4th of July party with your friends and neighbors and Family. This is Part 1 of a four-part Task and is possibly the hardest and most frustrating of the four.  

You can do this mission by following the steps below. 

  • Collect manure items; these are Meadow Muffin from Cows and Oxen, Poultry Puddin’ from Geese and Chickens, Brush Brownie from Sheep and Goats, Piggy Poop from Pigs and Prairie Pile from Horses and Mules.
  • At the Market, you can trade in your five fecal findings to receive one Saltpeter reward.
  • Return to the cabin and create fireworks using five fires and Saltpeter.
  • Then party like it is the Fourth of July.

You will get these lovely deposits by tending and blessing various animals, if you do not have the animals yourself you can collect manure from your Neighbor’s animals on their frontier.

If you need fire combine wood and cloth, if you need wood, chop down trees.

It may take some time for you to collect enough manure to complete your collection so patience is a good virtue to have. I would suggest you perform other tasks while you wait for your livestock to produce their portions for you. Make sure you feed your stock regularly and check back to see if digestion has run its course frequently.

Remember as you are checking your neighbors place your neighbor could be checking yours and you do not want to lose these precious piles. 

This may seem an arduous mission to fulfill however if you are as addicted to FrontierVille as so many others are then you will take this task in your stride and enjoy the simple pleasure of having completed another step towards expanding your Frontier, albeit a slightly smelly sticky one.

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