FrontierVille Quests
If you are brand new to the game, or even just not sure, what you are supposed to be doing, you will find one of the most interesting parts of the experience is to undertake FrontierVille quests. At present, there are more than 50 quests, each with different subtasks to complete that you can choose to do. There are more quests being added all the time as demand grows and as the developers come up with new ideas. You will need to do these quests at some stage if you want to progress your Frontier.

Each quest comes with a goal you need to achieve and a reward you can get when you have fulfilled it.

Some typical tasks include:

  • Tending your Homestead
  • Building a Cabin
  • Snake-Clobbering
  • Doing Family Chores
  • Learning Things
  • Ranching & Farming
  • Caring For your Child

As you move through the game these quests, become significantly harder to achieve. Patience and perseverance are key attributes you will need to possess to finish them. In addition, as many people have said, “good things take time” so do not expect to get these all done quickly.

FrontierVille quests are not level specific so you complete a quest you get another one. To level-up you must gain experience and experience means playing the game over time.

Rewards include gold, coins, XP (experience points), food, energy, wood, horseshoes, tools and even a spouse (although you have to do the pop the question quest to get this)

Before you begin a quest, it is a good idea to work your way through all the tutorials.

The structure of having quests helps direct you to achieve your ultimate goal of being part of and establishing a prosperous thriving community. Remember quests are not just there to do or amuse you they are intrinsically linked with the overall developing story of the game.

You are limited to the amount of quests you can do at any one time, four being the maximum.

Early quests in the game involve setting up and readying your Frontier for the arrival of family and partner. As your Avatar evolves, quests will focus on interacting with those around you and meeting new people. Others may involve working resources on your Frontier, the crops and your animals or protecting them. You can even try your hand at cooking. The harder ones see you expanding, building and adding to your community. A couple of the quests let you add a bit of bling to your Frontier, you know a bit of re-modeling here a bit of paint there kind of thing.

One of the key things to think about when playing is not to just be tied to your settlement, you need to explore and discover things and doing quests will help you do just that.

Usually you will find a hint on the quest instructions screen that will help you complete it but if you are unsure try out the forums for help.

To access quests just click the quest icon you see on the left-hand side of your screen, read the details and then go for gold, literally!

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