FrontierVille Cheats and Tips
FrontierVille cheats can be used to play the game and earn extra energy and gold. The game was developed by Zynga Game Network Inc. and was released in June 2010. Since its release, it has proven to be one of the most popular games played by many Facebook users.

The main task of the game is to gather raw materials and other necessary equipment in order to manage and establish a small town. The establishments include school, chicken coop, inn, house, etc. FrontierVille allows players to establish a farm in which they can harvest crops, provide feed to animals, build different structures, tackle obstacles, etc. The basic resources that every individual player has to manage to succeed in the game are good, food and gold. The successful management of these resources is the key to playing this game.

There are various tricks and cheats that can be used to play this game. The FrontierVille cheats can help a player to advance in playing FrontierVille and allow one to advance to the higher levels of the game while his friends and neighbors lag behind. The cheats change on a continuous basis because the game developers are able to enhance the system every now and then.

The most common cheat used in this game is when the player receives the snack gift. Once the snack gift is received, click the ‘use’ button, go to the ‘My Stuff’ icon, and click on gifts. The snack will appear in the gift box, as if it was never used before. Repeat the process until the energy bar is full. When the game is refreshed, the gift will disappear but the energy bar will remain full.

Another cheat in this game is used while building structures. In FrontierVille, the player has to bear this fact in mind that it is a social game so it is important to add neighbors in order to complete building structures. It is clever to add neighbors as quickly as possible so that all the materials are available which are required to build a structure.

An important aspect of this game is that every player wants to reach the next level in the fastest way possible. Every action performed by the player is awarded with certain number of points, to earn points the player must complete the quests and trade the collections. However, there are cheats available that allow the player to level up faster without trading any collections or completing any quests. The fair way of leveling up faster is for the player to have more neighbors so that he is able to trade his collections faster.

In FrontierVille, the character is unable to perform any action without energy. Food can be used to buy meals that result in increased energy levels. However, if a player does not have enough food to buy meals he can ask his neighbor to help him. Every single time the player receives help from his neighbor, he is granted points. Therefore, it is necessary to have a high gold balance to be able to hire more than one neighbor to help.

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