FrontierVille Animals
There are three different kinds of things in FrontierVille to which you should pay attention. They are the wild animals, farm animals and crops. As of now, there are four different kinds of FrontierVille animals. However, players of this game should expect more animals to be added as the game progresses. The wild animals included in this game are the grizzly bear, the fox, the groundhog and the grass snake.

You are required to sell Farm FrontierVille animals. If there are too many animals occupying the FrontierVille homestead, the player may opt to sell them for a profit. The animals could only be sold, however, when they are fully-grown. If they are sold when they are still young, the player does not get a profit. They are sold at the market and are available at different ages. Collections may also come with the purchase or they could come as gifts. Most of the animals can be bought in the game using the collections except for the bear, the snake, the gopher and the fox. These animals give fruit for energy, experience points and coins. They come at random times.

The chicken collection is the easiest to complete. Chicken broth, chicken breast and drumsticks, eggs or omelets are fed to the animals. They have a chance of getting energy with these chicken feeds. The player who collects the chicken set will earn +4 energy. The following are included in the sheep collection: wool gloves, wool coat, wool socks, wool hat, and shears. The player earns two ribbons and three pieces of cloth when he has this collection. The pig collection includes the following: pork chop, ham, ribs, bacon, and sausage. The player will receive 25 experience points and a peach tree free if he completes this collection. The cow collection includes the following: butter, cottage, Swiss, and cheddar cheese. This set will give the player 25 food pieces free and a free bucket in the game upon completion. To complete the horse collection, the player must have a saddle, boot spurs, a horsehair brush, a grooming brush and a lasso. The reward for this set is a free mule and free animals. The goose collection consists of the goose quill, a goose egg, a plate of foie gras, a platter of roasted goose, and a bowl of goose soup. A downy feather and thirty-five pieces of fruit are the rewards for this set. Scaring the animals will result in damaged tomatoes, chewed corn, peanut shells, eaten peas and pumpkin rinds. This is caused by the gopher, which pops up when a player harvests crops. In addition, the fox will pop up where ever geese or chickens are standing up. If the fox eats the chicken before you catch him, he gets a foxtail, fox fur, fox paw, broken egg or chicken bones. The animals have to be fed. So that they do not get lost, fences should be put up to secure them. Rewards are given for such work.

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