FarmVille Neighbors
A fun way to get more gifts and earn tons of XP is to add neighbors. The more neighbors you have, the more people you can visit per day. There are a lot of perks available when you visit others’ farms. Currently you can earn:

  • 5 XP by helping your friends’ farms. This is usually the first prompt that appears when you visit another farm. See below:

  • 5 XP when you fertilize their crops. You will see the available fertilizer to the left of your screen. When the crop is fertilized, it will sparkle. Remember, your friends are more likely to fertilize your crops if you fertilize theirs.
  • 1 XP when you feed their chickens. The chicken coop will glow when you are able to feed the chickens. Your friends will have the opportunity to “thank” their friends and share the wealth. You will have this opportunity as well when your friends feed your chickens.

This makes a potential total of 11 XP per visit. Try to visit every neighbor once a day to maximize the benefits.

Adding Friends

It’s very easy to add friends. Under the “My Neighbors” tab, your friends list will be generated. These friends already have Farmville. You will be able to see when level they are on, their achievements and how many neighbors they have. This is useful for figuring on which users actually play the game. To the right of their name, your will have the options to add as a friend, or send a gift. Once you click “add ___as a neighbor,” a notification will be sent. You will have to wait for them to accept before you can be neighbors.

The next section of friends is the list of your friends who don’t have Farmville yet. You have the option of sending them a notification to join the game. You can send 30 invites per day, so use them wisely.

The final section of friends is the list of your neighbors and pending neighbor requests. Here is where you have the option of sending gifts or removing neighbors.

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