FarmVille Mystery Eggs
You may have noticed that you have found some mystery eggs while harvesting your chicken coop. These mystery eggs are for your Farmville neighbors to find and hatch. Your friend will have the opportunity to hatch the egg to find gifts. The prizes seem to be chickens, flamingos, garden gnomes, and fuel refills.

When you find a mystery egg, you will see a prompt asking you if you want to share them with your friends. Click “accept” so this will display the notification on their homepage. Your friends now have the option of hatching your eggs. It is important to publish these notifications when you find a mystery egg as they don’t happen too often.

The more chickens you have in your chicken coop, the more chances you have of finding those particular mystery eggs. Make sure your coop is as full as possible since you can only have one coop on your farm.

In your chicken coop, you will have the option of removing certain chickens to make room for other chickens. You can only have 20 chickens in your coop, so it is a good idea to keep your chicken coop at its maximum capacity. This way, you can yield the most coins. When you find a chicken that you wish to have more of, simply remove the other chicken you don’t want. As you can see from the picture above, the coop is full. When a golden chicken is found, a white chicken will be removed to make room for the golden chicken. The ultimate goal here is too have a coop full of golden chickens so Treasured Golden Mystery Eggs can be found more often.

You don’t have to sell the chickens you don’t want. One strategy is keeping a particular colored chicken inside the coop and the other chickens outside. This way, you have plenty of chickens to earn coins from, and the capability to earn mystery eggs from the colored chickens you want.

Kinds of chickens

There are currently four kinds of chickens

White chickens- these chickens lay common white eggs
Brown chickens-these chickens lay uncommon brown eggs
Black chickens- these chickens lay rare black eggs
Golden chickens- these chickens lay treasured golden eggs

If you want more chickens on your farm, you will have to put them outside the coop anywhere on your farm. You can earn coins from their eggs, but you can only find mystery eggs from the chickens in your coop, not from the chickens outside the coop.

Finding mystery eggs

Keep your eyes out for your friend’s publications of their findings. Make sure you hatch one of their eggs as soon as you see it, because there are only a limited number of eggs available. Notifications look like this:

When you hatch an egg, you will see a notification like this:

Don’t be discouraged as to which eggs you find. Some are rarer than others, but the thrill of finding them is still the same. If you are striving to collect golden chickens, don’t only look for golden mystery eggs. Try to hatch as many eggs as you can. This way, your chances of finding useful goodies for your farm are greater.

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