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Farm cash is important for buying certain items in Farmville, but it is not essential. When you buy items with Farm cash, the resale value is higher than other items that you buy with coins. You also earn more XP when you buy things with Farm cash. It is important to remember that you can not redeem Farm cash for real cash.

Currently, you can only buy Farm cash with real money. Farmville is no longer giving one free Farm cash dollar when you level up, making earning them virtually impossible. From time to time Farmville gives random bonuses and currently you can possibly get one FV dollar if you open a mystery gift.

Buying Farm cash

You can see the “Add Farm Coins & Cash” tab towards the top of your playing screen. A prompt will appear like in the picture below. You can also go to the Market and click on the item you want to buy. If you don’t have enough money, a prompt will appear asking if you would like to add Farm cash.

Buying items for your farm

The Acai Tree currently costs 27 Farm cash. Buying this tree with Farm cash is the only way to have this tree on your farm.

There are many different animals available for your farm that can only be purchased with Farm cash. These animals currently include:

Hot Pink Pig (limited time): 12 FV
Pink Patch Cow (limited time):14 FV
Pinto Horse: 20 FV
Orange Tabby 9 FV
Brown Chicken: 7 FV
Black Chicken: 15 FV
Golden Chicken: 25 FV

Buildings that can only be purchased with Farm cash include:

Bed & Breakfast: 60 FV
Gazebo: 18 FV
Pink Gazebo: 18 FV
Treehouse: 20 FV
Pink Treehouse: 20 FV
Manor: 56 FV
Black Manor: 56 FV
Pink Barn: 27 FV
Black Barn: 27 FV
Blue Barn: 27 FV
White Barn: 27 FV
Groovy Barn: 27 FV
Weathered Barn: 27 FV
Pink Tool Shed: 22 FV
Pagoda: 48 FV
Tea House: 38 FV

Many decorative items can be purchased using coins or Farm cash. Items that can only be purchased using Farm cash include:

Lake: 56 FV
Large Pond: 33 FV
Cart: 3 FV
Feed Trough: 3 FV
Water Trough: 4 FV
Outhouse: 8 FV
Pink Outhouse: 8 FV
Blue Outhouse: 8 FV
Pink Flamingo: 9 FV
Garden Gnome: 13 FV
Scarecrow: 15 FV
Black Scarecrow: 15 FV
Pink Scarecrow: 15 FV
Blue Scarecrow: 15 FV
Groovy Scarecrow: 15 FV
Sheep Topiary: 5 FV
Llama Topiary: 10 FV
Flamingo Topiary: 15 FV
Picnic Basket: 17 FV
Band Stage: 22 FV
Sundial: 23 FV
Hammock: 25 FV
USA Flag: 16 FV
UK Flag: 16 FV
Canada Flag: 16 FV
Spain Flag: 16 FV
France Flag: 16 FV
Germany Flag: 16 FV
Italy Flag: 16 FV
Australia Flag: 16 FV
Mexico Flag: 16 FV
Brazil Flag: 16 FV
Argentina Flag: 16 FV
Turkey Flag: 16 FV
Ireland Flag: 16 FV
Japan Flag: 16 FV
New Zealand Flag: 16 FV
India Flag: 16 FV
Philippines Flag: 16 FV
Portugal Flag: 16 FV
South Africa Flag: 16 FV
Austria Flag: 16 FV
Greece Flag: 16 FV
Sweden Flag: 16 FV
Norway Flag: 16 FV

Exclusive Offers:

Another way to earn Farm cash is to complete the available exclusive offers. These can be found towards the bottom of your page in the “Add Farm Coins & Cash” tab.


Buying a package of unwithers will unwither your entire farm three times. One package currently costs 30 FV. This is very useful if you have forgotten to tend to your farm. You can use also use it on your neighbors’ farms.

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